cu chi tunnels tour-15

Located about 50km from Ho Chi Minh City, the tunnels at Ben Dinh are one of two such attractions (the other a little further down Provincial Road 15, at Ben Duoc) in the Cu Chi district. Entrance fee is 65000 Dong which includes a guided tour starting in a partially dug in classroom where the guide provides an overview of the tunnel system and its role in the conflict. From there you are shown various exhibits including booby trap and protection measures, command bunkers, hospitals and a munitions manufacturing workshop that recycled unexploded American ordnance. Some, such as the one demonstrating how the infamous ‘Ho Chi Minh sandals’ were made from old tyres allow the visitor to see how the items were made as well as buy the manufactured product. A 50m section of tunnel has been recreated for (larger ‘western’) visitors who wish to experience the feeling of crawling in the dark, dank confines a few meters below the surface. Scattered throughout the site are a handful of war artifacts including a knocked out M-41 tank, munitions and signposts indicating bomb craters, which may otherwise remain unnoticed amongst the rejuvenated undergrowth. At one end there is a café area and 25m shooting range where you can let loose with the usual assortment of M16’s, AK 47’s, M-60’s etc or add some more fake Zippo lighters, dog tags, beer can toys and ‘ho chi minh sandals’ to your collection. For more information go to

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